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"Zed love his bath time with this Head to Toe Baby Wash. As a mama, I’m less worried as this baby wash is sulfate-free, ultra-gentle and mild to the skin and hair without stripping away their skin natural moisture. It also had the calming scents which helps Zed to sleep better."


"All my kids love the scent of this body lotion. It is non oily/sticky & also has the calming scent. The hero ingredients are Yuzu Ceramide, Algae and Okura extra to lock in the skin’s natural moisture and improve the skin’s barrier functions. They just make my kids smell so nice that extra cuddles are necessary 😂"

"A long day at school followed by classes and you have sweaty kids at home!! Long shower can leave kids skin dry so we decided to try out BZU BZU shower range which uses only natural ingredients which not only cleanse effectively but provides a nourishing and protective layer too which works well for kids."

"My kids swim almost every day and making sure their skin is hydrated and well-protected with BZU BZU especially their Cooling Baby Lotion & Powder!"


"Being a first-time mum while working at the same time can be tough. Real tough. Gemma has grown confidently indoors and outdoors with BZU BZU, making life easy for mama bee too!
I love how the Cooling Baby Powder feels on her skin (It's REALLY SOOOO COOLING!!) and how it always gets Gemma very excited to apply on herself."

"The weather is so hot and humid nowadays!!! 😫 Aricia has been sweating like a pig seriously and feeling niam niam all over no thanks to the humidity. She has been like asking to bath 123456 times daily to cool herself down and I’m glad we are using the BZU BZU Cooling kid series! Her skin is so moisturised! Happiness is keeping Aricia’s skin clean and soft 💕💕💕"


"Trying out products from BZU BZU
Love that they are safe and natural to use with a peace of mind containing NO harmful ingredients."


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